Costa Rica beaches are infamously beautiful, but Playa Flamingo is the kind of beach that stars in your daydreams. One with white sands, clear blue waters and an ambiance of sophisticated elegance. Don’t let the name deceive you, though. You won’t find a large population of flamingos here. Rather, the right weather conditions have been known to turn the sand a beautiful but subtle shade of pink.


Located only an hour from Liberia’s international airport, Playa Flamingo is part of the Guanacaste Province. Unlike the equally beautiful beaches of Coco and Tamarindo, Flamingo doesn’t have an active nightlife. With its gleaming white sand, Flamingo Beach is the perfect setting for a vacation getaway. It hosts some of the most beautiful Hotels and condominiums that Costa Rica has to offer. Many gorgeous Villas dot the Beachfront, where wealthy foreigners and Ticos continue development at an astonishing rate.

Unlike many beach communities, Flamingo Beach has no village center. The community that extends east is home to exclusive beachfront Resorts and coveted private property. Thus, life beyond the beach and water sport activities are limited to a few excellent restaurants, and visitors seeking nightlife should head to the nearby town of Brasilito, or 20 minutes to Tamarindo.

As is the case with all Beaches in the Papagayo region, Flamingo Beach is rich in natural beauty. Mangroves are abundant in the area, and Salinas Point offers a stunning view of both the Potrero and Brasilito Bays. 

Life in Flamingo

If you are wanting to live in a beautiful beachfront setting, and be near a large community of expats, Playa Flamingo could be a great choice for you. The area has a reputation for top dollar real estate. You will indeed find multimillion dollar homes dotting this stretch of coastline. There are however several more economical options, without the need to sacrifice location or views. Ocean-view condos with three bedrooms and large terraces – right next to million dollar homes with the same views – start at $300,000.

The homes and condos in Flamingo are scattered on a small peninsula that sticks out into the Pacific. The rock rises abruptly from the water, which is why most homes are built along the side of a hill. This allows for great ocean views from most every home.

It’s a serene and privatized area. Down below there are a few hotels and a famous all-inclusive resort. As well, a shopping plaza with rental car agency, some small shops, several excellent restaurants and a small grocery store. Close by there is Playa Potrero to the north, which has a great fruit and vegetable vendor. You can get fresh fish from the local fish vendor who drives through town in a refrigerated truck. There are many entertainment options all within a 5-20 minute drive that include many restaurants and bars with live music and weekly events. There is a lot to offer for families as well due to the high population of expats with children in the area.


For those who have kids, there are of course public schools in the general area but there are also several great private school options close by.

Costs of Living

Below you will see a chart that shows the average monthly cost of living in the area. This will vary depending on how many members of your family, if any, are living with you here.

Cost of living Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica

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