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Types of Real Estate in Costa Rica - If you are thinking of buying real estate in Costa Rica, then it is important that you understand the real facts about property types and zoning.
Tax Reform in Costa Rica - Let’s breakdown the specific provisions of the tax reform law so that you can determine how the changes will impact your life in Costa Rica.
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Private Schools in Costa Rica - One of the most attractive reasons for families to live in the Guanacaste area close to the beach are the great selection of private schooling.
Hiring Help in Costa Rica - Household help is very affordable. Housekeepers, who often double as nannies and cooks, earn approx. $3-4 per hour. General helpers and gardeners charge about the same.
Activities in Guanacaste Costa Rica - Guanacaste, Costa Rica, with some of the top hotels, resorts, bars, casinos and nightclubs on Guanacaste's "Gold Coast," offers a rich variety of fun things to do on vacation.